American’s biggest fear?  Will they be able to retire on time or will they have to continue working until their health gets so bad they simply can’t go on.


In days gone by, folks had pension plans set up for them by companies they had worked for over the course of their lifetimes.  As overseas imports became more prevalent many jobs moved abroad, creating a situation where Americans had multiple careers, some successful, some not.


While these careers gave many a varied work history, they also tended to leave one minus a pension.  A little known law passed in 1978 for the rich created 401K plans.  Who would have known this law would create a new way for many Americans to save for retirement.  Being in control of your own investment portfolio, on the surface it sounds grand.


But, in fact, the 401K going mainstream was done more for benefit of big business than it was for the people.


In short, killing pension plans would save corporate America trillions.  No longer would they be responsible for an employee’s financial well being until death.  Now folks could handle retirement themselves.


On the surface that might sound good, but folks who work all day are hardly equipped to change hats at night and become financial experts.  The stock market is clearly risky.  Massive amounts of money were lost in the internet stock bubble of 2000-2001 and even more vanished in 2008 during the housing collapse.


People tend to be very bad at managing their own money.


While the market has improved dramatically in recent years, the rides up and down have taken their toll on many Americans.  Some have wiped their hands of stocks altogether, thinking the pain of the crashes simply is not worth the upside gains.


With its less than 1% gains, Bank CD’s are not an option.  But there are other ways.  They include minimal or no risk, ranging from 4 to 8% or even higher during accumulation periods.


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