Gary P. Cubeta, President and Founder, 57Gold / 57Financial

Gary P. Cubeta is a Licensed Insurance Agent, in the state of Arizona. As a public speaker, he frequently conducts presentations on retirement income and investment planning, as well as national training events for others looking to help clients provide for a quality retirement.

Gary learned the value of a dollar the old-fashioned way – through hard work and integrity. His work ethic started in high school when he bought and sold investment grade coins. While in college at The University of Hartford, he proved his business savvy as he created, Satellite City TV and Radio networks which broadcast coast to coast 24 hours a day.

After years in the TV and internet industry, Gary began his financial career with the founding of 57Gold, which has now grown to be one of the largest precious metals firms in the entire Southwest. Now expanding his empire to include secuirty paper based products, Gary continues to offer his clients the experience they so richly deserve.

Now in his 4th decade of entrepreneurship, Gary continues to put his clients interests first.

Lerey R. Bishop … Annuity Broker 57Financial

Lerey R. Bishop is a Licensed Insurance Agent/Annuity Broker, in the state of Arizona.

Lerey learned his business values the old fashioned way – through hard work and integrity. As a lifetime Arizona resident, Lerey’s travels took him from early childhood to the Eagle Scouts to being the owner of his own business for 7 years and now to the world of retirement preparation.

Lerey is always focused on putting the client first. When not working, he enjoys skiing, golf, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Give Lerey a call and see how he can secure your retirement fortress as many other clients have.

1-800-830-2606 by appointment only